Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sweet Signs of Spring

After a rather devastating cold snap that withered all of the blossoms on our blueberry plants and the fledgling leaves on the Japanese Maple we planted in honor of ds's birth, we are truly settling into Spring. We had a "Dia Del Conejito" (Day of the Little Rabbit) celebration with our Mexican family. It was the first time they hunted for Easter eggs, and it took no time at all to find all of them. So sweet.

Even sweeter was letting the now teenaged chicks outside to live in their new coop and run. We kept ds always separate from them when they were small, fearing he would squish them. Turns out, maybe I shouldn't have worried, because when I let ds into the coop with me he was very gentle and so very delighted. He squeaked and squawked along with them and ever so softly petted their feathers. They seemed very happy with their new surroundings and their new friend.