Tuesday, May 8, 2007

An Amazing Weekend!

A big weekend! My ds turned two on Saturday and I went to an "Art of Allowing" workshop with Jerry and Esther Hicks on Sunday.

We had a Cinco de Mayo fiesta for our little guy and it was everything I hoped it would be - after I got a piece of great advice from Abraham. Abraham is the collective consciousness, the "nonphysical" being, that Esther Hicks is able to channel. I found out about the Abraham-Hicks partnership a couple of months ago when I read their book, Ask and It Is Given. I was so impressed by the book that I went on their website and signed up for their daily email quotes that are culled from past workshops. Then I saw that they were coming to Asheville for a workshop and I signed up for that, too.

I planned ds's birthday party for months. There were so many things I was excited about: a local taqueria was bringing their lunch truck and parking it in our driveway so everyone could have their fill of their delicious Mexican food, a Tres Leches cake brought by our Mexican family, cases of Corona - but those were the things that perhaps *I* was most excited about for me. The thing I thought would put ds and his friends over the moon was a giant bounce house I reserved for the party.

Have I mentioned that ds LOVES to bounce? This kid is all about defying gravity. I was so excited about the bounce house for him. Then the morning of the party arrived and it was *pouring* rain and the forecast was for more of the same. The bounce house people called early and said they would have to cancel. I was sad when I realized there would be no bounce house. And then I started to feel anxious because the rain was interfering with all of my hopes for the party. Then I read the email quote from Abraham.

The gist of it was, "Today make it your goal to see only what you want to see." You see, Abraham is all about the Law of Attraction - your thoughts create your reality. So here I was sad about the bounce house, anxious about the rain - and creating more and more thoughts that were making me stressed and unhappy. I immediately felt better after reading the quote, and I knew they were on to something. So, I thought, what do I want to see?

I wanted to see ds happy and smiling and having a great day. And then I realized he *is* happy - especially when mom and dad are happy. And I still wanted to see sunshine. I knew I couldn't manipulate the weather, so I thought of sunny yellow helium balloons and quickly ordered 2 dozen of them. I strung them up on our porch and the kids loved them - many asked for them to be tied to their wrists - so there ended up being lots of sunshine after all. Everyone had a wonderful time. Especially ds who ended the party by jumping in giant puddles with enormous glee. The next day we were taking a walk and came across one of his 3 year old buddies. He said, "Thanks for having your birthday!" I couldn't say it any better.

The next day I went to the Abraham workshop and it was also everything I hoped it would be. I still feel like I am gathering evidence when it comes to believing that I *am* the creator of my reality. That I can be, do, or have anything I want. These are things Abraham says again and again, and they (they are a collective who call themselves Abraham) illuminate their teachings by answering questions from the audience. I feel 95% convinced. And the difference between believing and *knowing* will certainly make all the difference. I am working deliberately to make sure the shift happens. I am very much looking forward to it!

One interesting side note: I sat next to a psychic from Atlanta. We had a short, friendly exchange before the workshop started and then "out-of-the-blue", at the first break, she asked me, "So, are you involved in music or are you a writer?" I was so surprised by the remark that I said, "No, neither, I'm a midwife and a mama." She looked very intently at me and then we went our separate ways for lunch. Dh and ds joined me for the lunch break and after the meal we walked on the beautiful Biltmore Estate grounds, where the workshop took place. I told dh about the psychic's comment. As I mentioned it I got goosebumps, because I realized: I am a writer. I wrote a story I love, Ravenna. And it is going to be published. After the break I sat next to her again and asked her why she asked me that question. And she said, "Because you have a lot to say, but you are sitting on the fence. You need to get your book out there." When I told her then that I had written a book, but wasn't published yet, she said, "When you do, I want you to come on my radio show and talk about it." I'll let you know when I have the date.