Thursday, August 2, 2007

California Dreaming 2

One of our East Coast friends just happened to be in this part of the world at the same time, having traveled cross-country on his motorcycle to make it to the MotoGP World Championships. Ds is totally enamored of motorcycles and went into paroxysms of joy when our friend allowed him to sit on his motorcycle, whereupon he threw himself over the engine to grip the handlebars, stretching as far as his legs could go, trying valiantly to kick the thing into gear. Our friend promises that as soon as his feet can reach, he will help him ride. There is no doubt ds is going to keep him to his word.

It was hard to leave, but I was, of course, anxious to be back home and see how my garden had grown. And sure enough, big, juicy ripe, red tomatoes were hanging on every vine. I was not even expecting the greatest surprise: 4 perfect, albeit tiny, lightly green shelled eggs! So the Arcana's have started laying! This is a full month before I expected them. It is a great pleasure to receive this gift, and now I rush outside every morning like it is Christmas. This picture was taken a few weeks later, with all of the chickens' eggs represented. Beautiful, aren't they?

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