Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wishing My Mom Great Joy

I've been working a lot lately and that means I've had less time than I would like with my family and friends. I've been covering for colleagues so that they can have more time with their families over the holidays and they will return the favor when I take a considerable amount of time off in January for dh, ds, and I to travel to Guatemala. So I am happy with the situation - I am just SO happy to have the day I had today. I spent a lovely morning with dh and ds and the afternoon with my mom and dad. Then this evening ds and I went to our church and joined in a potluck supper and made an Advent wreath and calendar - a very sweet way to end a perfect day with my family.

But back to my mom! Today is her birthday! She and my dad came into town and we celebrated at a very good restaurant with VERY good wine. Really, is there any greater felicity than sharing good food and wine with people you love? We will celebrate my mom's birthday again when our whole family is together at the end of the month, so it felt very special to get this time with her today. My mom is amazing in so many ways - she is an incredible mother, teacher, friend, artist and overall an incredible human being. Everyone who knows her loves her. At some point, not too long ago, I realized that I've had a great ride in this life and I attribute so much of that to my mom. She has always set a wonderful example for a life well lived. She has a great love for life, a deep curiosity for everything around her, a willingness to see the best in all people, and a desire to help in any way she can. Thank you, mom, for everything! I hope this next year brings you great joy!

Happy Birthday to You, Dear Mom!

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