Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The G-Man

Last week I promised to post some pictures of our intrepid photographer and these offer a small sample of our days together. There is never a dull moment.

G has a book titled "While We Were Away" that portrays the adventures of a domestic bunny as she explores her owners' house while they are away. One of G's favorite scenes is of the bunny in rollerskates, aided by chopsticks. G has even devised his own "chopsticks" with pieces of wood he reclaimed from the garage. He loves the whole ensemble more than actually skating - as you can see from some of the other pictures: it's all about the outfit!

In this case the outfit is a cloth napkin attached with a paperclip - his idea for an improvised cape - and a Buzz Lightyear compass. He's showing his Kung Fu moves for the camera.

Here we're celebrating Papa's birthday. G and P share a special brand of humor. They love looking at pictures in books and magazines and making up names for them - pointing at an alligator, they rush to come up with another animal: "That's a sea star!" "That's a penguin!" I don't really get it, but they think it's hilarious.

He loves soccer and really dribbles the ball well on a field.

He loves to pretend he's a pirate and he loves nothing better than to get you dressed up as well for some real scallywagging. He's with his beloved Grammy in the photo below.

We love our garden. Almost everyday G goes to the garden to pick and eat our Sungold cherry tomatoes, or "chocolate 'matos" because he thinks they are so sweet, like candy. Here we're with our first big cucumber. I wanted to include the pic of him taking a big bite of it right off the vine (just like Mei, for all you Totoro fans!), but he isn't wearing any pants and you can see, um, everything.

Here he is with one of my parents' horses, Reno. (You can see his play camera behind his back, too.) This horse is known to nip at adults but he is always very calm and gentle with G. It's very sweet to see them together.

And finally, G really loves to paint - usually paper on his easel, sometimes on old boards we have around the garage, and, for the first time documented here - himself! As I've said before - there is never a dull moment!

Next week we go back to NYC. Our camera ran out of batteries on our last trip in April (why do we have so much bad luck with cameras on our trips? I guess the point is to focus more on the experiences than the pictures.) and I hope to get some more pics from this trip. For us, nyc is a slowed-down and unfettered experience - we stay at my brother's beautiful apartment with a view of the Brooklyn Bridge, we walk almost everywhere and spend most of our days in the park. We eat great food and drink great coffee. It's heaven. I hope you all are having a wonderful summer!

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