Monday, November 17, 2008

Our 5th Annual Alternative Thanksgiving Party

It's that time of year when our non-belly button family gathers to get a start on all the holiday fun. It has been a year since I've gotten to spend time with some of these friends and although I don't like that fact, I understand it given our busy schedules. I'm just grateful we have *at least* one time each year when we will celebrate our wonderful community with great friends, food and music.

I think the most striking and satisfying aspect of this party is seeing how much the kids are growing and thriving. These next two were just tiny babes-in-arms last year - now look how actively they are engaging with the outside world - amazing!

And, of course, a highlight every year is the music. First, in order not to disturb conversation, our musician friends moved into our study.

But that room just could not hold all of our amazingly talented friends and they moved outside to our porch.

And although it was quite chilly, they did not complain. The young gentleman without the pants, however, did and so the revelry moved back inside. By that time everyone really wanted to hear that beautiful music.

One of the other great surprises and pleasures of this party was that it was the first year D joined the music jam with his guitar and voice - even breaking out into a solo of one of my favorites (one he has been singing to me for 15 years) - 'Women and Men'.

And he was a hit!

And here we have a very sweet young gentleman who is a natural on the piano - we're expecting great things from him at future parties!

And here I am with his proud mama!

So many wonderful friends!

Of all the friendships I am perhaps happiest to catalog the one between G and O. O is G's oldest and dearest friend and we have quite a lovely collection of photos of the two together You can look back at last year's party and see how much they've grown. And as you saw from an earlier picture in this post, G discarded his pants pretty early in the festivities and it wasn't much later that he gave up on all formality. I gently tried to encourage him to put them on by saying, "You know, O might not want to see your penis." O, very obligingly, chimed right in, "Oh, I don't mind seeing his penis. It's fine with me." Now one of our male friends is trying to follow his lead and lobby for what he's calling "Pantless Fridays".

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