Monday, February 12, 2007

Viva Pablo!

A few weeks ago our friends' cat, Pablo, was mauled by a dog and required extensive and expensive surgery. On Friday, February the 9th friends gathered at our house to celebrate Pablo's recovery, raise money for his care, eat a mountain of homemade tamales, and play some awesome music. Most of all it was a celebration of the extraordinary community we are honored to call our own.

When I broached the idea of the benefit to my friends they were torn: yes, they could use help with the unexpected expenses, but weren't there bigger and better causes that deserved attention? To that I said, we can do those benefits later. I want to deal with the suffering (large or small) in front of me right now. I could see they were struggling - they had even considered putting Pablo to sleep because the expense of the surgery was so great. And I thought, I don't know how (yet) to eradicate AIDS in Africa, but I do know how to make some delicious tamales and my friends know how to make beautiful music. Who wouldn't want to help Pablo and enjoy an incredible evening in return?

The response was astounding. Even people who couldn't make the evening (we had only given 2 days notice) wanted to make a donation. The generosity and good will that flowed were a powerful testament to the law of attraction. (And you know how I love to talk about that.) There is a book - Ask and it is given - that talks about how the universe is orchestrating all of its resources to meet your needs, but it is thwarted to the extent that *you* create barriers to it. That people often erect barriers was apparent to me when I heard that some were openly displeased that my friends would allow themselves to receive support from other friends (and the universe). Suffice to say, those folks did not come and have a fantastic time that extraordinary night.

I was so heartened by the response from the majority of folks - not only did they want to be a part of the benefit, but they saw the *possibility* it suggested for their own lives. They thought - there is a way I could receive support in an area of my life where I am struggling, or, there is a way I could offer more support to someone I know is struggling. In that feeling of possibility is *everything* we need to create and receive the best the universe has to offer.

I'll leave you with some of the images captured from that wonderful night. Enjoy!

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tdog said...

We had so much fun that night! This post is so right-on. I'm glad you had as much fun as we did, and I'm so happy for the positive responses. I appreciate your presence in my life very much. Part of my misgivings is that have asked much of people (in work, with plays, having the wedding) lately and I want to get back to my giving self. So please let me know if there's anything I can do to help you realize one of your amazing ideas, or maybe just to help make your week a little smoother.