Monday, September 24, 2007

Scooter Boy

My ds does not love to have his picture taken. He usually acts like Sean Penn around the paparazzi when we pull out a camera. As I mentioned in a previous post we don't even think to take pictures very often, and so therefore rely on our Thich Nhat Hahn approach most of the time. So if you look at pictures of ds on this blog, I don't think you will see him smiling. Until now.

When we were in NYC in June we spent a lot of time in park where ds managed to borrow another toddler's scooter. I thought such things, like adult tricycles, only existed in big cities. Then a friend told me you could just get one in Target. So we got it on Sunday and he LOVES it. We got it on the street and he said with glee, "Mommy, take a picture of me!" And here it is.

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AnneO said...

LOVE the picture, Stacey! Especially since it was requested!

I always think that because of my taking so many photos of Carmen (the 3 year old girl Jake cares for) for the blog I keep for her parents, that she'll grow up feeling like Lindsey Lohan, with all the cameras in her face and flashing lights, lol!!

Sweet scooter boy!! :)