Sunday, October 7, 2007

My Groovalicious Birthday Dance Party

It is said that you can never have too much of a good thing - but how often are you *really* given the opportunity to try? Last night I tried. Oh, I tried. It was my birthday and I offered up a table groaning with myriad sushi platters, bottles of red and white wine, and a Triple Chocolate Ganache Cake with Chocolate Dipped Strawberries. I could not have ordered a more beautiful night: it was mild and starry. We hung Chinese lanterns and filled the evening with even more light. Some of my dearest friends were able to join me and we ate, drank, danced and were very merry. I felt like a rock star. Here's to more days like this. Here's to it just getting better and better. Cheers!


Trish said...

I finally figured out how to comment.

What fantastic pictures!! That dress is a total knockout! you are gorgeous woman!

Had such a great time and LOVED the cake and sushi and the lanterns, the company... loved everything!

Thanks for being born and gracing our lives! We love you!

Anne O said...

OK...Anna sent me here to check out this post because I have been the queen of indecisiveness as to what to do for my upcoming birthday. Dance party was on my list (disco, actually! ;), and that moved onto a night at a fine Italian restaurant with my family...something more *low key*. But now you have inspired me again to get my Groove on and PARTY! So maybe I will do the low-key thing for my actual birthday, and party a different day.

It is a dilemma, though, because I feel I will never ever find such a gorgeous dress as yours, nor look anywhere near as beautiful as you do in it.