Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No Such Thing As Bad Weather

I've written before how our dog, Zoe, taught me over the years that there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. It turns out my son is a very quick study. He loves to be outside and usually disparages what I consider appropriate clothing - say, a coat and hat when it is 30 degrees and windy. He loves his rainy weather attire, though. And is there anything more delightful than seeing a toddler in Wellies? We had a fine morning jumping in puddles, putting worms that had been washed into the road back on to the more forgiving earth and talking about the rain scenes in one of our favorite movies, My Neighbor Totoro. (Remember when Kanta gives Satsuki and Mei his umbrella? Remember when Totoro wears a leaf to cover his head from the rain?)


Anne O said...

I love it when I learn of other kids loving *My Neighbor Totoro*. We have been in love with that movie for about 15 years, because Jake discovered it (by being drawn to it and to anime) when he was 2! He had a *Totoro* party for his 3rd birthday and I borrowed my sister's hot air balloon cake pan and turned it upside down for a Totoro cake! To make the invitations, I paused the video on the opening screen where it shows Studio Ghibli and a simply drawn picture of Totoro. And I wrote the words to the song on the inside of the invite..."Hey, let's go! Hey, let's go! I'm happy as can be! Let's go walking you and me..." I love the part, "Look at all my many friends!"

We have done our best to turn *everyone* onto the sweetness of Totoro!! It's kind of our *measure* for one's Ultimate Coolness...an insider's kind of thing, if you will... ;) My kids will hear of someone loving Totoro and we'll give each other a *knowing* look...mmm-hmmm...these people are definitely uber cool.


I have used your quote that there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing SO much since I first read it on your blog. I had actually forgotten where I had first read it, so how wonderful to find out that it's from YOU!!

gatorknit said...

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