Friday, April 18, 2008

Better Together

Today is our 10th wedding anniversary. This Spring makes 15 years that we have been together as a couple. Before I met dh I dated a wonderful man who asked me to marry him. He was a wonderful man but we did not share the same sense of humor and rarely laughed. He was so lovely in all other respects that I gave his proposal serious thought. I asked my mom if perhaps a sense of humor becomes less important over time. Wise woman that she is she answered emphatically, "It's even more important!" So I declined the proposal, broke up with the wonderful man and met dh soon after. On our first date we shared our favorite jokes - the ones that usually elicited groans from others, but brought us sheer delight. And 15 years later we're still cracking each other up. Tonight we went out and laughed so hard that tears came to our eyes and my stomach hurt. We've traveled over some rough road but it just gets better and better. I am so grateful I get to live, love and laugh with this man. I am over the moon for my sweet - and very funny - little family. (Can you see ds is wearing a Superman shirt and his own improvised cape?)

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