Monday, May 5, 2008

Delight Incarnate

Our son is three years old today. We celebrated with friends and family on Saturday the 3rd with a Cinco de Mayo-esque fiesta - 50+ people, a Taqueria lunch truck, and a refrigerator full of Mexican beer. I think this is the last year for our grand style fiesta - I've wanted to make the party as much a celebration of the community that supports us as it is of our son. But I imagine that next year ds will have more of opinion about how he would like to celebrate - like at a Build a Bear Workshop or something - and that's what we'll do.

I'll post a bunch of pictures from our party and they can tell the story. I'm grateful for all of them because they represent so much joy and will help us all remember this perfect day. Most of all I want to remember the look on ds's face when we sang him Happy Birthday and Las Mananitas (the Spanish language equivalent). He looked so sweet, shy, and delighted - my eyes filled with tears and I thought my heart would burst with gratitude to be present at that moment when he *got it* that he was the focus of the celebration. That *he* was the reason that we were all there in such lovely communion.

Let the Party Begin!

With my mom and ds's godmother:

So many friends:

With my mom and ds's godfather:

Everyone wants a piece of that pinata!

Here is the picture worth a thousand words. Here is delight incarnate:

We had a treasure hunt (featuring Ring Pops):

With Poppy Hoot (dh's father) and Papa (my father) - capping off a perfect party with Ring Pops:

The end of a perfect day. Asleep only 2 pages into Goodnight Moon:


Shelly Benfield said...

I had a lovely birth the morning of cinco de mayo but of course also thought of your ds and his birthday. I'm sure it was a grand day. See you soon. - Shelly

gatorknit said...

Happy Birthday to ds!

dharmamama said...

Oh, Stacey - so sweet! I am so touched by your pictures. I know it's cliche - but it seems like just yesterday that my 15-y.o. turned 3! And my as-tall-as-me 9 y.o. What preciousness. I know he feels loved by you always; that day, loved AND celebrated!