Monday, December 1, 2008

Please Help Proyecto Laguna

A friend asked me to help with a fund raising project for an organization that provides support to many school children in Nicaragua. Buy a beautiful 2009 calendar for $20 (tax deductible!) and 100% of it (all services were donated) goes to the children.

I love the fact that *all* the money will go to the children! I'm a big fan of Heifer International (they provide farm animals to families all over the world), but after I get the catalogs week after week (and I've told them they don't need to and I will still support them!) I think, "Geez, I wish more money was going to the families and not so much to marketing!"

Here's what Proyecto Laguna has accomplished since its inception in January 2007:
-501 (c) non-profit status
-Provided school supplies two times a year to over 800 students
-Provided over 200 school uniforms
-Provided 50 teachers with classroom supplies
-Provided basic medical care to over 900 students
-Connected the schools with the American Nicaraguan Foundation to receive furniture and school supplies twice per year...

And the list goes on and on! You can read more at, but if you'd like to help in an easy and satisfying way, just let me know you'd like a calendar, get me the $20, and I'll happily pay for the postage to send you the calendar and the form for the tax exemption.

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