Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Secret

Dh and I watched The Secret last night; the film is based on the Law of Attraction, the idea that the universe wants your best life. All you have to do is create it with your thoughts and feelings. I have seen this law work many times in my life but I am ready to kick it into a higher gear. This is tough because so much has to do with intention and as a working midwife and new mama I am often sleep-deprived and don't feel like I have much time to be intentional. But I figure this blog will help.

So why create a blog with My Friend Oprah as the title? For the longest time I have wanted to connect with Oprah. I have a journal entry from 1998 stating I was sure I would meet her (when I was on the short list to be in her book club when Midwives was the novel) but it didn't happen. But I want to make it happen, for sure by 2008. (10 years seems to be a nice gestation period.) This is really a blog about my intentions and what I want for my life. And while meeting Oprah is a biggie, being joyful is the biggest and just seeing the title of the blog makes me smile.

Okay, ds is up from his nap and it is a beautiful day. Time to play.

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