Sunday, November 26, 2006

Setting Intentions

It's late and I need to get to sleep. I work in clinic tomorrow, which means a 12-hour day, but after tomorrow I'll have a break from work for about 10 days. Which means more blogging for me, yippee!

But I just had to write because starting this blog has got me thinking seriously again about the power of setting intentions. I just dug up the journal I kept over 5 years ago (started on 2/17/01) when I was working through the Artist's Way. I wrote, "In 5 years I will be fluent in Spanish and working part-time but making more than I do as a full-time midwife now." Back then I couldn't speak Spanish and had no idea what would bring me more money working part-time. By 2003 I was fluent in Spanish (after a six-week stint in Guatemala in the summer of 2001 and six months in Mexico with Doctors without Borders in 2002) and working only 24 hours a week (compared with 48+) but earning more. I have so many more examples of this phenomenon, too. So what is most surprising is that I forget how powerful it is. I'm keeping this blog with the hope that I never forget again.

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tdog said...

I wanted to leave the first comment on your blog. Hooray for you! The story of accomplishing your goals in a few short years is inspirational. I'm sure Oprah will definitely want to meet you after she hears about this. Good luck and happy blogging!