Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Letter to Oprah

A few days ago I got an excited phone message from my dearest friend - she was so excited I couldn't exactly make out what she was saying - something about blog her right back. Needless to say I did and learned from her that Oprah is soliciting stories about personal experiences related to "The Secret" and the law of attraction. Here's my letter:

Dear Oprah,
I watched "The Secret" last November and loved it. And watching it, I realized that I had believed in the law of attraction for years and seen it in action in my own life. Not long ago I was reading a six year old journal where I said I wanted to be fluent in Spanish (to better care for my Latina patients) and work part-time (in order to fulfill my dream of being a nurse-midwife and a mother), but make as much as I did full-time (since I am the sole wage earner for my family). To meet the first goal I decided to get a job in a Spanish-speaking country. I applied to Doctors Without Borders but learned they had NO positions for midwives in Latin America. They said they would keep my application, but that they didn’t think this would change. Two months later they called back and told me they were starting a NEW maternal health project in Mexico and they wanted me to join the medical team! People thought I was crazy to leave my husband AND my good job for a volunteer position in a remote Mexican village. But I knew that I had created this position and that if I declined it I would reject the law of attraction and forsake future gifts from the universe. So I went. I had an amazing experience, and of course I came home fluent in Spanish. As a result, I was quickly offered a part-time job that paid more than the full-time job I left to go to Mexico! I am now a mother to a beautiful 20-month old boy and I continue to work part-time. The bottom line is that "The Secret" has worked magic for me. When I honor the law of attraction the universe responds by allowing me to live my best life. One last note: Not long after I watched "The Secret," I saw your show on the $1,000 give-away to help a stranger. I was so inspired by both of them that I created a blog titled "My Friend Oprah" where I chronicle my intentions, particularly in regard to providing service to others and living a joyful life. If you’d like to check it out, please go to

What do you think? Should I pack my bags for Chicago? WHAT should I wear?!?

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Ru said...

Amazing! You are my inspiration when it comes to following the laws of attraction. I loved your pozole story...and love you. Ruthie