Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Grand Fiesta!

Someone once told me that when it comes to your birthday you get to celebrate a day for every year you've been on the planet. I take that very seriously. Last weekend I got the pleasure of celebrating with my familia mexicana and because their matriarch, and G's beloved abuelita, also has her birthday on the 25th, we had another really grand fiesta.

Here is the patriarch of the family, with his eldest granddaughter.

Here are G and his primos hermanos: brothers/cousins/best friends.

Here I am with the eldest daughter.

The matriarch with her youngest granddaughter.

We feasted well with a delicious dish, very typical to Hidalgo, the region they call home.

The five young granddaughters made sure we ate well - and insisted on making our second meal of the day!

The youngest grandson.

As we went to cut the cakes the whole family gathered around to take pictures. There are 4 adult children, all with partners, and all of them were taking pictures. Flashes were popping everywhere. It was like we were being swarmed by paparazzi. I joked that it was like we were Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez.

The kids were unimpressed by our super-star status. They just wanted the cake!

As you may remember there is a Mexican tradition called the "mordita" or "little bite". You are encouraged to take a little bite of your cake so your family can smash your face into it. This year I was ready and tried to ward off the assault. Of course, there's just no escaping it.

And you still love your family anyway.

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