Saturday, October 4, 2008

La Troisieme (My 3rd Groovalicious Birthday Dance Party)

Words, words, words. They escape me. They can't capture the exquisite joy I felt last night at my party. So I'll mostly let the pictures tell the story. (And, Hallelujah! What pictures!)

I will just say that I almost didn't have this party because we are leaving on Sunday for an extended trip to California, I've been living with rather unpleasant upper respiratory symptoms for months (mold in the basement? monster allergies to pollen or foodstuffs?) and, maybe you don't read the paper (like me), but there are people out there worried about a financial crisis. Taken all together, it just seemed a bit much, you know?

Then about two weeks ago I realized it was the *perfect* time to have the party. And it was. Perfect. Now I just wish that I had that realization sooner, so I could have enjoyed the anticipation more. And I wish the party had been longer. With a small one, I really wanted to wrap things up by 10 so the kiddo could be in his own bed. So now I am already planning next year's fete - for my 40th! - a whole weekend of revelry, starting Friday night and going through Sunday. My very own extravapaloozathon. Ah, delicious anticipation. And until then I can content myself with the fabulous memories of last night.

I need to be on a plane in 6 hours (and get some sleep before then) so I don't have time to put the pictures in any particular order. Until I can get back and narrate, I will leave them to be a feast for the eyes.

My girls. They are fabulous.

My cake - a very decadent, vegan delight. A special shout-out to Short Street Cakes! Thanks, Jodi, for making such yummy goodness!

The very dapper D. Too bad you can't see the tie had dancers on it. And we won't see him wear it again soon. The only other time I've seen him in a tie was over 3 years ago at my son's baptism. (He's the godfather).
G. Stands for gorgeous.
Dancing to our song, "Home (This must be the place)" by The Talking Heads.

Dancing with C.
Start Me Up by the Stones. Anything to see D do his Mick Jagger impersonation!
As a gift to me, all my friends took turns taking pictures so I would have the opportunity to look back and remember it all - especially how shiney-happy we all were.

Okay, the real reason for the party: the dress. The dress demanded that there be a party. I was powerless to argue. A special shout-out to Ship to Shore Designs. Brooke Priddy is an amazing artist!

Like in years past, it was a total sushi fest. So good.

D had an amazing show at Blue Spiral this year. One of my favorite paintings (and there were so many!) was the One and the Many. He gave me this print for my birthday. And he hinted that I may have inspired the figure 2nd from the left on the bottom. Freckles and green eyes. Very cool.
So many dear friends. Such an incredible night.
My boys. They bring SexyBack. You definitely want to party with them.

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Anna, David, Afton and Raelin said...

WOW!! What a night and what an outfit!!! I think I may have to crash the 40th bash :) Anna