Saturday, February 28, 2009

Food Waste for the Week

Food Waste Reduction Challenge - February 2009

Here's what got wasted this week:

Nothing again for this week! Hooray! Our household has some considerable challenges if we are to avoid wasting food in the next couple of days. A dear friend came from out of town and stayed with us this week and was wonderful about helping us eat leftovers, but I wanted her to sample at least a little of our town's wonderful restaurant offerings, so I took her and my son to lunch on Friday. Then another friend hosted my visiting friend and me for dinner that same night and just that one day out of the house meant that we have quite a bit of leftovers at the moment. Today I ate a rather unappealing, yet still satisfying, lunch of a pile of assorted greens topped with beans and rice and roasted chickpeas. I work tomorrow in the hospital and my husband has kindly agreed to work through 1/2 of a turkey burger, a slice of pizza, a couple cups of cole slaw and broccoli stuffed shells in order to help with this challenge. Avoiding food waste really does require constant vigilance!

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