Sunday, February 22, 2009

Love Letter to My Body

This week I'm rejoicing in my body.

Last week I read a blog post which was a love letter to the author's body in honor of Valentine's Day. I already had my topic for last week's rejoicing, but I made a note of the topic for this week because I am consistently aware of how grateful I am for the body I have and I definitely think it deserves a post. I can't write this as if my body were a "third person" because we are one, but I am happy to take a few moments to document just how grateful I am to live in my body.

I don't think a day goes by that I am not in *awe* of my body. Every time I look at my son I am reminded that my body created him, nurtured him through gestation, eased him into my midwife's hands, and then nurtured him some more with years of breastfeeding. I thought my body was pretty amazing before I had my son (it carried me happily through 4 marathons), but since his birth I know that I will *never* complain about my body again. I will *only* honor and revere it.

Occasionally I've been surprised or saddened by an illness that has taken residence in my body, but I've learned to view it as a message that I simply need to take better care of myself. And once I get that message I am always happy to oblige. I figure it's the least I can do and when I really *get* it, I realize that it is my pleasure to do so.

So, here's to my body! May I enjoy many more happy years of treating my body as the amazing and glorious vessel it is!

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