Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Baby Ravenna!

This week I'm rejoicing in my children's book, Ravenna.

She had a very long gestation and was born in March, 2007. In her first year, like all mothers, I watched her constantly for signs of development - and a big leap occurred when my dear friend Daniel Nevins provided illustrations in November. But then, in 2008, she didn't seem to reach any of the milestones I had anticipated for her. I tried not to worry when she didn't take her first steps when I expected them, but I was a little disappointed. And then, at some point in the last year I learned an amazing lesson from her. I stopped expecting her to *do* anything. I learned to love her just because she *is*.

And now (of course) wonderful things are happening. About a month ago my dear husband said he thought it was time Ravenna get outside for some fresh air and suggested I upload Daniel's illustrations to my Facebook page and make my favorite painting my profile picture. I got such a nice response there that my dear, sweet husband decided to surprise me on Christmas with the gift of a website just for her. And in the last month I've discovered several publishing companies that might help Ravenna find her place in the world.

It brings me great joy to reflect on Ravenna and all I have learned from her and all I have to look forward to as she develops. But most of all, the greatest cause for rejoicing is the fact that she exists.

P.S. The website isn't quite "live" yet. We plan to make some changes. It would be lovely if you could visit it and provide some feedback (either through comments here or my email).

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