Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Boys

This week I am rejoicing in my boys.

I almost didn't get this picture. We were upstairs laughing to beat the band and I thought, I'd love to get a picture of this, but the camera is downstairs and I'd rather just be present for this moment. But we just kept laughing and laughing and I thought, I think I can capture this.

In this moment D and G are reading The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog. One of our favorites. G knows it by heart and loves when he can say "blah, blah, blah" along with the pigeon. I don't think he's ever heard anyone say "blah, blah, blah" other than the pigeon, but he has always gotten that it's a funny thing to say. G's sense of humor was obvious to us when he was just a wee little babe. We have great audio of his laughter at just a few weeks old. He is truly a testament to a great quote I read from Paul Krassner: "English is my second language. Laughter is my first." It's true for all of us and I love that my boys speak it so fluently.


Debby said...

I remembered I had posted once before, but I am not sure what my name and password are. I am going to give this a try. I love the language of laughter quote. I can't imagine not having laughter in my life, especially with my husband and children. We were helping out my great aunt with installing her new TV signal converters last weekend and we were teasing her and joking around with her. She called me the next day to say what a great time she had. I wondered if many people in her life horse around with her like we do because of her age - she is in her 80s. Laughter knows no age limits and should be shared with everyone.

FOO said...

Wow, Debby! Thanks so much for attempting to post again - it is so great to "see" you here! Oh my goodness, I was on the phone with you and Michael for just a few minutes last night and I think I laughed almost the whole time! I am truly grateful that most of my friends are fluent in laughter. :)

And, hey, were you teasing your aunt because she doesn't have cable? Well, we don't either, so bring it on!

Erin said...

My boys and I LOVE Mo Willem's books! They make us giggle like crazy no matter how many times we read them! :)