Sunday, April 26, 2009

All About A Boy

I had an *amazing* week filled with breakthroughs and accomplishments and I look forward to sharing them here in the not-so-distant future.

Today was a gorgeous, sunny day made all the more perfect by how it was spent: the morning was filled with playing with my son, eating homemade cinnamon buns on the porch and tending my garden and this afternoon we had a lovely visit with my parents.

I'm looking ahead to another full week - working a clinic day and a 24-hour shift in the hospital and preparing for my son's birthday party on Saturday. With all that will be happening, I am setting the intention that I am peaceful and centered.

I want more than anything to be present, to *be* with my son this week - the week we begin to celebrate his birth. (If you know me, you know I think one day is not enough to celebrate a birth - even a week is pushing it.)

So, in honor of him, I am going to keep this short, and I probably will not post for the rest of the week. I will have a lot to share next week.

This week I am rejoicing in my boy. This picture tells so much about him: We only had 3 juice boxes left and he insisted on giving them to his friends. He also helped pick the flowers for the table and put them in a sippy cup as a vase. He was dismayed later to find that they were left behind after their visit: He had intended them as a gift.


Angela Barton said...

I know you're not blogging, but in case you check in, have a great birthday celebration with your son. And congrats on all your breakthroughs!

Dana said...

I teach parenting classes and work an entire year trying to explain to parents how terribly important it is to *BE* with your children. Your son will grow up feeling cherished and important, and will be a compassionate adult. What a lucky boy to have such a tuned in Mommy. Believe me, it goes way too son started driving last week...thank God I spent every second I could with my boys as they are my reason for living!
With Respect,

FOO said...

@Angela and Dana -

Thanks so much for your comments! It really has been a wonderful week of *being* with my son! I took off a week from work so I will be able to be *and* blog more this week. :)