Friday, April 17, 2009

Food Waste for the Week

No waste for this week. Hooray! After the not-so-stellar showing last week, I'm so glad to be home and on top of things again. Interestingly, we are quite low on leftovers and food overall since I adopted the new challenge of eating local and/or organic. I'm still a little afraid of the prices, so I've been buying less, but we are down to our last banana and our last bit of milk (bought last Saturday, but it seems a gallon will only get us to a week around here).

Next week I'll try buying a *little* more of the staples we like to have on hand and still hope to avoid food waste. Also, tomorrow is the first day of the local Farmer's Market and I am SO excited to see what's on offer. I think it may take a little while before I can work out my shopping trips now - I have adopted the routine of going on Mondays, but I may need to change it to Saturdays. These are nice problems to have. :)

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