Friday, April 10, 2009

Food Waste for the Week

We have our first food waste to report since the beginning of this challenge. I went to New York for a long weekend and left my husband and son at home with a bunch of meals I had prepared in advance of the trip. My husband found that he was not able to keep up with all the food I had planned for them and the vegetable stew with brown rice was left behind. A few grapes and a small amount of pear jam I canned at home were also casualties this week. Fortunately, our chickens loved every bit of it and I think they wish we would waste more food.

As I've said before, avoiding food waste requires constant vigilance. We were not up to the challenge this week - but there is always the next!


----- Jennifer ----- said...

your blog is feel good

Angela Barton said...

It doesn't seem nearly so bad to waste the food if it gets fed to the chickens. Part of the problem is what it does to the environment when it ends up in a landfill.
You know that if you post this on The Frugal Girl's site, you'll link to you for a week on her "Food Waste Blogroll", right?

Angela Barton said...

I hate typos! Sorry- obviously I meant SHE'LL link to you on her blogroll...

FOO said...

@Jennifer - Um...thanks? I went to your link and was sent to a kind of creepy site. (Really, anyone reading this - do not go to this link. It borders on disturbing!) Maybe this is my first brush with robo-spam?

@Angela - Yes, I completely agree that I don't feel *too* bad when I see how happy the chickens are - they LOVE brown rice! But, still, even though the waste is not going to the landfill I still feel it is a waste of the energy and resources that brought the food to the market and the money I used to buy it and the energy I used to prepare it. So I definitely am going to stay vigilant.

And I did link my post to the Frugal Girl's site. Thanks for mentioning it. And, as always, thanks so much for reading my blog and leaving thoughtful and kind comments!