Friday, April 10, 2009

I Heart NY - expanded version

This Sunday I'm at work in the hospital and I am anticipating attending the birth of twin boys!

That would be enough cause for rejoicing and my attention to the mama's labor will necessitate a short post today, but I would be remiss if I didn't take the time I have at the moment to post on my trip to NYC last week.

Before arriving in New York I came across an article reviewing "mom and pop" restaurants in lower Manhattan. They all sounded wonderful and my family was very gracious in allowing me to choose where we would eat each night.

We were at Elettaria the night documented in the pictures below, where the chef offers a sort of fusion of Indian and American dishes. The reviewer invited the highly esteemed Madhur Jaffrey to dine with him and noted that she is very critical of a Western chef misusing Indian spices and ingredients. At the end of their meal, however, she was clearly impressed by how the chef had mastered this sort of interplay and I concur.

All of the restaurants - Soto (think sushi tapas), Falai (think Italian artisan - all the pasta and bread are made in house) and Eletarria - were smallish and had open kitchens (you could see the chefs prepare your meals) and fabulous. I heartily recommend all of them and can't wait to get back.

I also read up on the New Yorker to be apprised of what was happening in the theatres and museums. We decided we really didn't have time to take in a show - the trip was intended as a time to connect with family and friends and not *do* too much (if you read my post on my last trip to NYC, you know I just like to *be* there), but we did manage to get to the Frick and the Met. We spent a couple of delightful hours at the Bonnard exhibit. He was an Impressionist and the works shown were from the two decades before his death in 1947.

This from the review in the New Yorker: "The light is Mediterranean squared. The hour is lunchtime forever. The visual experience can suggest a happy flaw in your eyesight: incandescent cataracts...Bonnards pictures stymie mental clarity as effectively as that postprandial extra glass of wine." For this art lover, foodie and oenophile (post-prandial means after eating, by the way, for you non-medical folks out there - I had to define it for my brother), it was the perfect trifecta.

I got some great pictures from Friday night and then somehow, inexplicably, I never picked up my camera again. We had so much to celebrate: my parents' 45th wedding anniversary, my brother's 28th birthday, and a reunion with one of our family's dearest friends. As you can see there was a lot of love!

With my brother:

Our friend specially ordered a cake and brought it to the restaurant. Happy Birthday!!!

Celebrating over 45 years of marriage (my parents on the right) and almost 40 years of friendship!

We love Elliot!

These pictures provide just a little glimpse of the trip that was the cause of much rejoicing!


Angela Barton said...

Oh- I am SO jealous- Bonnard is one of my favorite artists.

I'm so glad you had a wonderful visit.

FOO said...

@Angela - Is it possible we were twins separated at birth? We have so many overlapping interests and passions! I'm so grateful for this crazy cyber-world where we can know each other!