Friday, July 3, 2009

Keeping Fridays Fabulous

We're keeping Fridays fabulous around here! This week we hosted G's best friend, B, and her two sisters. After creating giant chalk drawings on our back porch (you can see some of the blue chalk ended up on G's cheek in the 2nd picture), I asked if the kids would like to help me in the kitchen.

I had a couple of bananas that were going south so I thought muffins were in order and tonight we're having a picnic and "Shakespearience" (a collection of scenes from Shakepeare's plays) at a park so I wanted to make brownies, too.

Of course, these kids don't need any reason other than to eat some delicious treats and they seemed to enjoy the process of making them as much as eating them!

We barely got the batter in the pans after everyone submitted it to tasting for quality control!

12 mini-muffins and half a pan of brownies were gobbled up in less time than it took to make them (and much less time than it took to clean up after)! It was a very sweet morning in every way.

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