Sunday, June 21, 2009

My First E-Book! And It's Free for YOU!

There has never been any better advice than Joseph Campbells, “Follow your bliss.”

My coaching practice, Midwife for Your Life, is all about how we can learn to cultivate joy so that we can live happier and healthier lives. I decided to offer a free E-Book on this very topic as an introduction to what my practice has to offer.

And here's the introduction to my book - Rx Humor! Midwife for Your Life's Prescription for Health and Happiness

I work as a certified nurse-midwife and a life coach. As a nurse-midwife I work in a public health system that serves women who otherwise would not receive care. They often have very few resources available to them.

What I have seen from working with them, as well as my private coaching clients, is that encouraging one’s sense of humor confers huge benefits and – even better - doesn’t cost a thing.

Scientific research shows that happiness is linked to emotional resilience – the ability to keep afloat in even the most challenging circumstances –and improved health outcomes.

Interestingly, you can be happy or cheerful and not find humor or laugh a lot, but research also shows that satisfaction with one’s life increases exponentially with the ability to be laugh.
So this book is all about harnessing humor to live your very best life.

You see, humor is the ability to shift perspective away from the conventional view of a concept and that’s why it’s exactly the ability you want to hone when you want to improve your life.

Researchers at the University of Zurich found that one benefit of cheerfulness is a psychic robustness that emotionally buffers people against crises and enables them to see silver linings in major disappointments such as the loss of a job or a chronic illness.

So let’s make sure that we are focusing as much as we can on the things that are pleasing to us, the things that delight us and the things that make us laugh so hard our stomach cramps.

And when you get my book, as a special bonus, I include a link to what I think is the funniest video clip ever! I crack up just thinking about it!

So if you'd like to receive a copy of my book, please go to my website and download it!

This week I'm rejoicing in so many things - my sweet family after a lovely week spent together at a beautiful lake house, my husband, who on Father's Day and every day, is celebrated as the very best father I could ever imagine for my son, and laughter. All of them elevate my life to great heights! I am a very lucky woman.

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