Friday, March 27, 2009

Food Waste for the Week

No waste again this week. I'm definitely getting the hang of the challenge of preventing food waste and so is my husband. Today is the day when the least appetizing of our leftovers remain to be eaten and my wonderful husband, again, managed to eat the very-least appetizing before I got home for lunch. He said he had to use a lot of fresh Parmesan to make them palatable and I appreciate his willingness and his resourcefulness.

I might decide to build in two leftovers nights - one at the beginning of the week (Tuesday) and one at the end (Saturday) because we still have a surplus even when we eat leftovers every day for lunch. Our freezer is now full of leftovers - from weeks ago - and I will plan to defrost them for some evening meals next week.

I also have an elderly neighbor who I occasionally give a portion of our meals and I will ask her if she'd like to be a regular recipient and that would also be a viable solution to the overflow.

Overall, I remain very pleased with this challenge.

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