Sunday, March 22, 2009

Girls' Night

I've mentioned before how dear my girlfriends are to me and I treasure our time together. Before my son was born I hosted regular girls' nights at my home. Since his arrival, time with my friends is at such a premium that I've chosen to gather them regardless of how their chromosomes align.

Last night was supposed to be a co-ed affair, but then one of the xy's couldn't make it and my husband, realizing he was going to be in the minority, graciously accepted an invitation to my parents' home. My boys were treated like kings and my girlfriends and I got to be queens.

Here we are holding court.

Of course, it wouldn't be an evening with my girls if things didn't get a little silly.

And then, to my great delight, we got a little jiggy with it.

We had so much fun we're already planning our next two nights out: to a karoke bar (one of our friends is like a human juke box and I'm anxious to see her in a more fitting milieu) and Pigeon Forge. I've never been to Dollywood but one of my friends says that once you go you will feel unbelievably skinny and attractive.

This week, once again, I'm rejoicing in my girlfriends.

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