Monday, March 30, 2009

Olga's Mexican Desserts

This past Sunday I hosted an open house to give my friend Olga an opportunity to showcase her amazing repetoire of Mexican desserts. I have traveled extensively through Mexico and eaten a lot of Mexican desserts and hers are the finest I've ever had.

I've already placed an order for the tres leches cake for my son's birthday party in May (we'll probably forgo the pink frosting, but I can't say he minded it - he helped himself to two slices!) and I'm trying to plan some other occasion as soon as possible as an excuse to enjoy her perfect flan.

Below are just a few of her offerings and she will soon post a price list. If you'd like to have your own sublime experience and order something from her, just let me know.

The table wouldn't even hold all the desserts she made!

This cake was amazing - I had never had it before. She calls it a "cake flan" - there is chocolate cake on the bottom, a thick, rich chocolate flan and a carmel topping. This was the favorite of my friend's almost-fourteen-year old daughter and will be featured at her birthday party.

This is a peach and strawberry cheesecake - but it's lighter than our cheesecakes. Much lighter. My husband said it was more like a mousse and I think he's right.

Ah, and the tres leches cake. That means "3 milks" - evaporated, condensed and cream - and I've never met a citizen of the northern united states (Mexico and Canada have united states of america, too, you know) who have ever tried this cake and not been astounded by it. It is unlike any cake you get commercially in our 50 states - the moistness is astounding - and you simply must try it if you never have!

She made two flans. This was the mocha.

And this is the chocolate. I had never seen flan prepared in a cake shape and marveled that she could get the cake pans in a water bath. The flan had a lovely creamy, silky texture and was just perfect. (I have been known to make a seriously good flan myself, and these were better.)

And, finally, the Pina Colada cheesecake, that almost didn't fit on our table - coconut, pineapple and a texture that, again, was more like a mousse than our traditionally heavy cheesecakes. Again, you have to try them!

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Angela Barton said...

OMG- I think I just went into cardiac arrest just LOOKING at the photos. Absolutely gorgeous. Tres leches is my favorite. You are so lucky to have Olga as a friend!

I love to bake and have had great luck with desserts from the "Beautiful Cookbook- Mexico." There's a torte that I make for one of our friends who's allergic to wheat that uses only ground almonds and it's delicious. The overall flavor is almond/orange. Yay for Mexican desserts!