Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chicken Love

I'm in the hospital today for a 24-hour call shift and it is busy, so I am going to leave you mostly with pictures that tell a wonderful story.

Here's what I have time to write: I love our chickens.

We live in a fairly urban area where you are more likely to hear the booming of a car's stereo, or the buzzing of a scooter, than something more bucolic, like the sounds of happy chickens.

Chickens are amazing! They magically convert veggie scraps to, wonder of all wonders, food! (And a *whole* lot of compost!)

Their excited clucking when I bring them treats will get me out of bed on even the coldest and rainiest mornings.

They practically crow when they lay eggs - you can hear them from a block away! - with what sounds like a combination of delight and surprise. And the other girls chime right in with what sounds like the most appreciative praise.

And I'm not the only one who loves our chickens:

I don't think these pictures really do our biddy beauties justice, because it was a little crazy in the hen house with all those little ones around. I feel lucky to have been able to capture just a bit of the sweet story.

This week I'm rejoicing in chicken love.


Angela Barton said...

The pictures are adorable...

But I still don't think we'll be getting chickens. My husband is anti-chicken.

Stacey said...

I think he just needs to meet our chickens. They could win over even the biggest chicken-hater. :)

Angela Barton said...

Probably. He doesn't really hate chickens, just the crowing of roosters.