Friday, May 8, 2009

Food Waste for the Week

This was another challenging week: my husband was gone for a couple of days to attend a funeral (for his 95+ year-old grandmother - so it was a lovely celebration of a wonderful life) and came home with a stomach flu. That meant he wasn't able to help as much with left-overs at the beginning of the week.

Fortunately he recovered fully and set about helping me eliminate food waste. Today we both finished off less-than-exciting split pea dahl and brown rice for lunch.

But that still left some food that even I was unwilling to eat: 3 whole wheat pancakes (requested for lunch by our son on his birthday) and a small portion of the oven "fries" from dinner on Wednesday night.

He promised to eat the pancakes for dessert tonight and plans to make a Spanish-style torta (an omelet with potatoes) for breakfast tomorrow.

So if you look up the word "trooper" in the dictionary you should see a picture of my husband.


Angela Barton said...

Our husbands may be separated at birth as well!

FOO said...

So funny!